Love Poem

I wrote this poem for someone a few years back.

Happy Valentines Day!

Athina x

Strings of telephone wires beaded with wild birds

sing in the wind

as I think of you and drive to infinite thoughts

consumed by madness or love or hate or confusion

and brought to the depths of what can only be assumed as utter despair

connected somehow by the way the sun sets and the heat rises

and the waves crashing and colliding as your chest falls

and I breathe you in

savouring the sensation as you flow through my veins

winding like a sidewinder around my heart

pumping the blood ferociously

seeping out of the pores in my translucent skin.

your love is transcendent and I gorge on your scent

to try evade this hunger

and yet you kiss my lips

and my body bursts into flames

it is impossible



and irrational to attempt to extinguish.

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